Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wet Day

Garden Lore says "Much February snow, a fine summer doth show." Yesterday, we woke up, once again during February, to at least a fine dusting of snow and tiny crystal balls of frozen rain on the ground. By 10am, the glaze of white turned to wet grass, bricks and pavement and it remained a bleak, rainy day. The herb garden is still bedded down for the winter. I left two rosemarys--"Mrs. Jessop's Upright"--not so upright at this time, uncovered in these beds for the winter...they still show some signs of life and I remain hopeful that they will make it to spring. The burlap mound standing behind the statue is another rosemary-- "Herb Cottage." I've tried not to take chances with this one and covered that back in early December. It has been such a beautiful, bushy and fragrant plant, providing a nice backdrop to this small fountain during the spring, summer and fall months, that I cannot even bring myself to peak at it's condition until we get through this bitter part of winter....I'll look in March. All three rosemarys are on their third year in this particular garden, so I've grown a bit attached to them and know they have been happy here. Of course, the past couple of winters have been warmer than this one but, these rosemarys are hardy to zone 6 and Blooming Hill, VA is located in zone 6B...keep your fingers crossed. My herb garden is located on the southeast side of the house so it is positioned in a protected area which has always given a slight advantage to the plants--perrennnials, annuals, shrubs-- grown here and I keep reassuring myself that rosemary can be hardier than we imagine...check again for crossed fingers. Today, the forecast calls for clouds, snow flurries, low 40's at best and very gusty winds that will usher even colder air in by tommorrow. The goundhog was right back at the beginning of the month...a lot more winter to go...hold on.

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