Thursday, February 12, 2009


Cherubs can be any kind of angel, often represented as chubby, rose-faced children with wings. Along with flowers and hearts, angels, especially those depicting cherubs, have become symbols of love and romance. Cupid, a popular Valentine's cherub, always has a bow and arrow in his hand. Whatever you may call them, angels, cherubs, beings of beauty and innocence that trancend the ordinary, capture the imagination and dwell within the spirit and all around us in our daily lives. Author Thomas Traherne described these facsinating creatures as "Immortal Cherubiums! And young men glittering and sparkling angels, and maids strange and seraphic pieces of life and beauty! Boys and girls tumbling in the street, and playing, were moving jewels." Whether real or imaginary, angels are beloved. They lift our spirits and warm our hearts.

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