Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Scenes and Warm Winter Wishes!

"Snowwwww, snowwwww, snowwwwww!  I want to wash my hands, my hair and face in snowwwww!"  So goes the Bing Crosby song from the 1950's. He sang this song, not only in the movie White Christmas, but also made it famous on one of his many Christmas albums.  It's a light and happy melody that hearkens back to vintage Currier and Ives winter scenes of New England on a crystal clear evening, after a majestic snowfall, with stars shining bright as the horse and sleigh glide to a stop in front of a welcoming farmhouse nestled perfectly between carefully shoveled snowbanks and soft candlelight glowing gold in the windows with twinkling lights outlining the roof top. Standing and waving in front of this cozy home is none other than a large and fluffy snowman with coal-black eyes, an old top hat and, of course, a corn cob pipe.

Why the snow falls only like this in our hearts and minds and Hollywood movies,  I'm really not sure. However, I for one, am glad I can keep these thoughts safe and unscathed as I will inevitably shovel 12-18 inches of the cold, wet, heavy, slushy version of snow in my own driveway more times than I will be prepared for this coming winter.  It will also help make slogging through the unplowed roads of my neighborhood, with the dog romping twenty feet ahead of me oblivious to his own mud-caked fur coat while the cold wind drives icy snow crystals into my face and eyes, a little easier to bear.  

So as the rain drops fall, this year in Northern Virginia over Christmas Eve and straight through Christmas Day and the outdoor thermometer rises over the 60 degree mark, I will hold close, pictures of perfectly frozen ponds with skaters gliding effortlessly over the winter glass, scores of holiday music and warm family memories.   Winter may be slowly approaching us at Blooming Hill, yet I know as sure as I am typing this that it is coming! Sadly, it has settled in so harshly in other areas and my prayers go out to those who have had too much snow already!  Their dream of a white Christmas, I'm sure, is something else, entirely. 

But, if you are like me, I will look out into my own yard and see gently falling snow through the raindrops and tiny magical reindeer pulling an intricately adorned sleigh instead of those devil deer foraging around an old wheel barrel filled to the brim with leaves, twigs and such, ready for the compost pile.  Farther afield, there is a vision of angles perched on the blackboard fence, in sore need of repair, singing in the foggy mist along with the crows cawing at a fox prancing by with his early morning catch of the day.  Come to think of it, all of this makes a pretty nice winter scene to remember, as well.

This year's Christmas picture, taken in July---Christmas in July!
Here's hoping you have the best of Happy Holidays and warm winter wishes from all of us, here at Blooming Hill.  See you next year!