Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Chill

I woke up to 15 degrees outside and a clear sky promising that the sun would soon be up and shining on this day. Everyone has to be off early here however, before I go to work, I wanted to show this beautiful morning. The green house windows are frosted over but everything stayed warm and cozy inside, thanks to new heaters two weeks ago after we discovered that the old ones had stopped working in the night and the plants took a hard hit by frost and cold. The place is packed solid and the bays, myrtles and rosemarys like a little frost now and then but geraniums, from the scented varieties to the Martha Washingtons are a little too sensitive and prove to be a persnickity bunch eventhough they favor "cool" weather. My Eugenia plants, too, are a bit on the "prissy" side. I have a large orange tree which has been very prolific this season as has been the smaller Ponderosa Lemon tree. The fruit from both had already been picked by Christmas. Other small plants, just for some winter color (like panzies, petunias and gazinias), are still wrapped up tightly within their leaves and I have loads of boxwood cuttings that seem to fair or cold, dry or moist. So, if you see a few brown leaves hanging from stems, here and there, it's alright...they'll be fine...thanks to new heaters and the warm, moist atmosphere in the green house. I'll write more about the green house later...for now here's a peek.

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