Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground Hog/Black Lab Day

Today is Ground Hog Day and although we have many ground hogs that reside on our property, there are none to be seen and the sun is out, too. In order to be sure that winter has 6 more weeks here at Blooming Hill, VA, Tucker our trusty black lab took it upon himself to look for his shadow and he found it. However, there are some early signs of spring like the Pussy Willow bush letting a few of it's catkins out for a peak and the Witch Hazel is sprouting tiny yellow fluffy puffs that will soon become full grown blossoms...soon...soon... In any case, it is a beautiful day, at 50 degrees, for a ground hog or a black lab to be out and go exploring. Enjoy it while it lasts...tommorrow the weatherman is calling for more snow...yep...6 more weeks and then finally, hopefully spring.

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