Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Believe in Angels

As spring approaches and the days become a bit longer, the weather offers up nicer days for longer stretches, but still too early to be out stomping around in the garden and raking up protective leaf mulch on tiny plants just underneath the surface, I have turned to looking at old books stashed away in bookcases and cabinets around the house. I came accross a children's book called "Everyday Angels" by Mark Kimball Moulton. It's a lovely short story written as a poem about angels in our lives. In it he says, "Well, I can't speak for all unicorns nor mermaids in the bay. But I tell you this with all my heart...Angels watch you everyday!" Do you believe in angels? I do. In fact, I believe we all have a connection to them in some way whether we believe or not and I love to display images of them around my house as a reminder that they watch over us everyday.

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