Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A June Wedding

 Buckets of beautiful hydrangea and lavender along the aisle.
Summertime wedding flowers from lavender to roses.
June is the month for romance and weddings and along with weddings comes, after the bride and groom of course, flowers, herbs and greenery ushering the wedding couple to their new and splendid life together.  Blooming Hill was fortunate, in a very small way, to be a part of a wedding that took place this past weekend by providing the lavender, my favorite of all flowery and sweet-smelling herbs. 

In the language of flowers, lavender has many meanings but when it comes to weddings and bridal bouquets, lavender symbolizes devotion and undying love. This particular wedding was held on the traditional day of Midsummer's Eve, the 23rd of June, making it all the more magical and beautiful for the bride and her groom.

Blooming Hill lavender.
Gathered flowers in floral buckets.
Directions to a french-country wedding.
I met the bride, her mother and her beloved friend, Lynda, who was in charge of all of the gathering and arranging of the  floral displays for the wedding about a month ago when they came to visit Blooming Hill after hearing that I grow and sell lavender.  They walked through the gardens and told me of their plans to make the wedding something of a lovely summer afternoon spent in the French countryside where colorful flowers abound not only in the marketplace, but also in the green meadows.  Among the array of flowers, they would need lavender...a lot of it!  And, Lynda would be back a day or two before the wedding to cut lots and lots of purple spikes to fill bridal vases, baskets, buckets and bouquets.

 Lynda, her husband, Bear, and helper Cameron.
A friend of Lynda's bringing floral reinforcements.
More floral arrangements coming through!
By Saturday afternoon, just a few short hours before the wedding took place, Lynda and her husband and friends came together to arrange what was to be a splendid floral wedding rainbow setting of flowers and herbs.  As I understand it, for the three or so days leading up to the wedding she made stops all over Western Loudoun County in search of the most heavenly hydrangeas, dazzling dahlias, perfect petunias, gorgeous geraniums and much, much more and of course, lovely, lovely lavender in order to give this bride and her groom a wonderful wedding gift full of love and good wishes.

A plethora of flowers to compliment the bride and groom.

A table centerpiece.
A flower- filled lavender bike on the groom's side.
 Lynda and friend standing next to the pink bike adorned with flowers on the bride's side.
Never a shrinking violet, myself, I asked if I could just sneak a peak at all of the flowers and arrangements that were assembled for the wedding and then I showed up in the early afternoon to see Lynda and company in action.  Lynda and her "crew" moved like clockwork and it all looked welcoming and fit for a French country wedding, just in time for the late afternoon nuptials to take place in the dappled sunshine and shade sprinkled with the lovely colors of bridal flowers...sigh.

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  1. What a lovely setting -- and of course, with your lavender, beautifully scented, too!

    I hope you did not sustain any lasting damage from the big storm this past weekend.