Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mellow Yellow...Hardly!

Coronation Yarrow

Blushing Dahlia
Multicolored Houttuynia
Jerusalem Sage
When you were little, did you ever play "I spy" or read a Where's Waldo Book, looking for things or clues to things you may not see as you rush along through your day?  Well, that's what the color of yellow reminds me of when I'm out in the garden.  I see flowers and leaves and and all sorts of commonalities that just scream to be noticed amid the orderly chaos of simply beautiful things.

Vintage watering can in front of the greenhouse.
Stunning Stella Doro's!
Yellow Meadow Rue paired with red yarrow and lovely lavender.
Twenty-one years ago, when I was pregnant, Peter and I had painted the nursery yellow in anticipation of the baby and in the last weeks of my pregnancy, I was confined to bed rest, by doctor's orders. One morning, I was watching television when an interior designer on the show suggested,  "Never" paint a baby's room yellow because it can cause anxiety.  I immediately called Peter at work, got him out of a meeting, had the whole office in an uproar thinking it was time for me to leave for the hospital and he was more than an hour away.  When he came to the phone, a little panicked, I told him we had to repaint the nursery as soon as possible because of what I had just heard.  A moment of silence later, he said to me, "Hang up the phone, turn off the television and go read a book!" Or, something to that affect, if you get my drift.

Jerusalem Sage
In the years since, as I've gotten more immersed into the world of gardening, I've come to appreciate and even love the color yellow (or "lellow" as our son, Kevin, called it when he was very young...He doesn't anymore.)  I might add that he was a "colicy" baby and we never did change the color of his room until a few years later when we moved to a new house--I still feel a little guilty about that!  Anyway, pale, creamy yellows most certainly make wonderful colors for any room in the house, as we have seen in the evolutionary world of interior design.

Lace-cap hydrangea
Papery yellow-ping hollyhock blossom
Persian Carpet Zinnia
And, as always in the garden, even the softest shades of yellow stand out and compliment the myriad  of greens, blues, reds and pinks that yellow pairs itself with.  So, behold the power of yellow, in all of it's glorious hues, savor it's gift of natural loveliness and, RELAX!  It's only mellow yellow drawing your eye in and holding tightly to you as you gaze upon it.

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  1. Yellow is a happy,sunshine-y color, and while it doesn't look good ON most babies, I can't imagine it does any harm to paint the nursery that color. :)
    Love the POP of yellow flowers, especially in a shady garden.