Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blooming Lavender

We are in bloom!  And, as beautiful as the lavender is, I can't help but close my eyes and sniff the scent of all of the blooming bushes from citrusy-sweet to piney-mint, filling the air.  I drift into a dream of summer where there is a hazy lavender glow over the tapestry of flowers, thrumming bees and flitting butterflies weaving throughout the purples, violets, blues and even creamy-pinks, in the brilliant sunshine.  Yes, it's hot! And all the better where lavender is concerned.

Lavender, or what the French call "blue gold," has grown wild throughout the Mediterranean for centuries. It's scented flowers have been grown and gathered dating at least back to the time of  the Roman Empire for their healing and soothing properties as well as for their culinary attributes.  Because of it's many uses, lavender has been the quintessential cottage garden plant for hundreds of years and is most often the base for almost every potpourri, even today.

The lure of the lavender, in my gardens, draws me out into the field every day and it's loveliness never ceases to amaze me. I can't help but think of happy, peaceful things.  Lavender embodies the heart of every perfect summer forever captured in it's cool and refreshing perfume.  Of all the summer blooming flowers, lavender retains its fragrance and color probably longer than any other, save for maybe rosemary.  Coupled together, these two herb staples can be intoxicating.

Yet lavender on it's own is a nostalgic and endearing plant that can bring us back to our childhood recalling early memories of our grandmother's gardens.  And, to me, there is no other plant which better instills a feeling of continuity and serenity in the garden.  Every variety of lavender, and there are literally hundreds of them with more being discovered and cultivated every day in the the plant world, is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

Happily, we are currently expanding our lavender collection here at Blooming Hill to make it even more extensive in years to come. However, the truth is, we just can't get enough of this magical plant.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see our collection of over sixty different varieties.

We'll be done harvesting lavender all too soon, in just a matter of a few short weeks.  But, the beauty won't go away because we have preserved it to sell in bundles, soaps, candles, sachets and other items crafted right here at Blooming Hill. We are in bloom!

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  1. Busy, busy, busy!!!

    I'd love to breathe in that intoxicating scent, but I'm not fond of 100 degree temperatures. ;)