Monday, July 9, 2012

Blooming Hill Lavender Products - Just A Glimpse!

'Gros Bleu' (Lavandua x intermedia,) one of my favorites.
The last of the freshly picked bundles on July 5.
The lavender harvest is in and this year was one of the prettiest years for growing lavender in this area that I can remember.  Although, when I think about it, I probably say that every year.  The plants are now all trimmed back with some sporadic growth and blooming happening now through the end of the summer.  Looking at the blooms left on the bushes helps me to remember just how beautiful each bush was in full bloom.  Even with their new "haircuts," the lavender bushes still look regal in the silvery green petticoat foliage they wear year round.  By the end of this month, I'll begin to propagate new plants from soft wood cuttings to add to my own group of lavenders as well as to sell next year.

Lavender rose sachets.  The rose petals come from bushes grown here at Blooming Hill as well.
Be-ribboned beauties.
Now, the real work begins...sachets, bundles, wands, soaps, culinary packages and so much more are waiting to be made.  Our lavender is home-grown and harvested right here at Blooming Hill.  It is packaged prettily right down to the buttons, bows, embellished fabrics and glass or ceramic containers we use.  However, if you are like me, you already know that lavender doesn't need much, if anything at all, to make it look any prettier than it already is!  However, as we all know, there is so much you can do with lavender to liven up your home.
Some of our culinary products.

Let me remind you again that Blooming Hill's freshly dried lavender came right off the plants from this summer's harvest and is now ready for your potpourri, floral arrangements, bath and culinary needs.  We are careful in handling the lavender in order to keep it looking it's best and we are proud of the quality and beauty of our lavender products, grown right here in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge.  Our lavender comes from our collection of over 60 varieties picked,  gathered and waiting for someone lovely, like you, to come and select at least a bundle or two.

Can O' Lavender anyone?

Just plain lovely lavender buds ready for anything.
Visit our beautiful garden shop and peruse to your heart's content, all of our gifts from the garden and for the gardener here at Blooming Hill in Philomont, Virginia, Fridays and Saturdays, 10am until 5pm and other days by appointment.  As an added bonus, our gardens are still in great shape, should you want to meander through flower-bedecked borders and paths! We hope to see you soon.

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