Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon in the Herb Garden

This positively brilliant afternoon drew me outside to admire the burst of color throughout the yard. My intention

was to start in the herb garden where I was cutting back the trellis laden with Spanish Flag vine, a member of the morning glory family. I have shown it to you before but today, it was especially beautiful, all ablaze in color from crimson to paprika to buttery yellow. It was so pleasant in this garden, I just couldn't bring myself to leave.

The vibrant red pineapple sage has intertwined itself among zinnias that are just as brilliant. Deep azure Mexican petunias (a very tall variety of Bruellia) and heirloom pink 'Ladyfingers' or sometimes referred to as 'Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate' (Polygonom orientale) compliment the crimson blooms.

The warm sun really brought out the aroma of scented geraniums,'Lady Plymouth' and 'Old-Fashioned Rose' in particular, mixing delightfully with the scent of lemon verbena, so much so, that I had to stop and cut a bouquet of these delightful greens to put in a vase in the house. I'll dry them later to add to potpourri.

The deer seem to have given up on eating the phlox for the time being allowing it to bloom at last here at the end of the summer, probably because the garlic chives and 'Black and Blue' Sage growing in and around it, have made the sweet tasting lavender-tufted blossoms not as appetizing--at least that is my hope.

All in all, I had a perfectly delightful time in the herb garden on this radiant Sunday afternoon in September. I think the dog days of summer are behind us now but all too soon, the cool nights will give way to cold then freezing temperatures. For now, like the song says--"I've got pieces of September (not April). I keep them in a memory bouquet."

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