Monday, September 21, 2009

Bluemont Fair - Part II

Well, we did it. We survived the fair and had a wonderful time to boot. The pictures are of us setting up in the early morning chill, before the fair opened for the day on Sunday. (Yes. I am wearing a polartec was cold at 8:30am) Peter and I saw many old friends and made many new friends and it was a lovely two days to spend outside breathing in the lavender perfumed air. Believe me you could really smell the lavender along with eucalyptus, bay, myrtle, Sweet Annie and rosemary but, especially the lavender, even with a cool breeze a good ways away from our booth. The sun helped release the essential oils in the lavender bundles and everyone kept asking, "What do I do to the lavender to preserve the scent, as well as the color?" Actually, not really too much. That is part of the beauty and mystique of lavender itself.

Peter made three eucalyptus wreaths for Sunday and they, along with his painting of Middleburg, were the wow factors of the booth. People visited us under the canopy just because the colors and aromas were so inviting and pleasant. Some people seemed to linger just because of the happy feeling they developed. Lavender--it's like catnip for people with only the nicest of effects to the body and soul. At times, it got a little too crowded under the canopy, but everyone was polite and patient and had a good time.

Now I'm exhausted and have only a few days to get everything ready again and take it off to the Waterford Fair Dried Flower Barn this coming weekend. The Fair itself is Otober 2-4 (Friday through Sunday. Lavender bundles with yarrow and lavender pomanders along with pussy willow wreaths and bags of pressed autumn leaves were my biggest sellers at Bluemont. In the past, this has also been true for Waterford as well so, let's hope the trend continues. Eventhough I won't be having a booth at that fair, I shall be visiting and hope to see you all there.

On behalf of Peter and myself, thank you to all of my friends, both old and new who stopped by to say hello and support our gardening efforts this past weekend. It was a wonderful time.

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