Friday, April 3, 2009

PHilomont garden PHair

April has only just begun and I'm already thinking about May...specifically May Day Weekend, from the first through the third. I've gotten myself involved in a clebrate May Day weekend (I'll do anything when it comes to promoting gardens and all of their splendor) here in Philomont and we're calling it the PHilomont garden PHair. This PHabulous PHair is sponsored by the Philomont General Store. (There's lot's of alliteration here, insn't there?!)

Anyway, come and visit the Philomont General Store on May 2-3 and browse the garden/craft PHair. There will also be May Day Baskets on display by participating homeowners throughout this picturesque village with a view of the Blue Ridge and even a few homes will graciously open their gardens for public viewing on those two days. (Hint: One of those homes will be Blooming Hill--I hope we can be ready for visitors by then--gulp!)

It will surely be a lovely time in Philomont, rain or shine. Please stop by and say "hello". I'll be manning my garden while my friend, Arlene Anderson, will be manning my booth at the PHair. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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  1. Hi Cyndie! Your neighbor Marty here from Jellicle Hall. The Philomont PHair looks awesome and I shall start praying for blue skies, sultry breezes and sunshine. Depending on time I might try to get a May basket together if my mind can think of something. Enjoy the Spring and Kody and I shall see you on the road.