Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Guest in the Greenhouse

This past weekend, I noticed a small toad sitting quietly on the pea gravel and terracotta tile floor of the greenhouse and thought nothing of it. By Monday, he had moved himself into one of the small pots also inhabited by a new bay cutting that I had spent about 3 weeks getting rooted, along with 5 other bay cuttings, and then transplanted into it's new clay pot. It's Wednesday and he's still here. I hate to move him. He's so darn cute and he looks so content. He doesn't seem to care whether he gets watered on or not and, so far, the tiny bay cutting looks as though it's happy to have a companion to share it's new home. I'll give him until Friday. After that he needs to find a new home or I'm charging him room and board.

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