Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden Preparation Continues...

I have been so busy trying to get ready for the "PHilomont garden PHair" this coming weekend that I haven't had time to post anything lately. However, I thought I should stop and enjoy some of the flowering trees and shrubs that are in full bloom on this lovely April afternoon and also share them with you.

The Pink Dogwood is a frothy mass of delicate yet vibrant blossoms. The Buttercup Magnolia, a new addition as of last year to our yard, looks a little spindly when you see it as a whole but when you take in the flowers up close, you can really appreciate their creamy, yellow beauty. I can hardly wait to see this tree in a few years when it is more mature. Who can ignore the Korean Spice Bush--it's cotton-like blooms smell heavenly!

Well, break time is over. It's time for me to go back to work on the garden beds. There is still much to be tilled, planted and mulched before Saturday--not to mention mowed, weedwacked and weeded. Ahhhh, gardening is so delightful!

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