Saturday, April 11, 2009

Knot Garden - Work in Progress

Ahhh, April in Northern day it's sunny, cold and blustery. The next, it's rainy, chilly and windy, although this year, we've had a lot more chilly and windy than rainy. However, today, we awoke to a glorious inch of rain in the gauge left from last night's showers.

On those perfectly wonderful early spring days, when there is virtually no wind, plenty of sun and temperatures fit for being in short sleeves, we have to go to work...real work...the kind where they pay you to come and do their work. So, the garden, sometimes, must wait but not all things in the garden must wait--the knot garden is underway. Remnents of plants from years past are gone, the dirt is re-leveled and raked and new planting lines are laid out marking where my 2-year-old english boxwoods cuttings have been planted and where the varigated boxwoods and lavenders will be planted. We are waiting on these from a nursery in Oregon that I order plants from.
Where am I, you ask, in this whole process of redisigning and planting this knot garden? Taking the pictures, of course, for the sake of posterity. And, where is Tucker, the dog? Well, he is so exhausted by the magnatude of this project, that he decided to convalesce on the porch swing...ahhh, April in Virginia...

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