Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Ground Hog Day! You'll be reminded everywhere today of groundhogs, be it through news reports on "Punxsatawney Phil" or just seeing any old Bill or Bob (or Jane or Sue for that matter) who may live in your backyard, decide to wake up and poke his head out of his hole to see what the day may bring or whether he should role over and set the snooze button for another six weeks or so.

Let me also remind you that weather predicting groundhogs are about as accurate as the highly paid weathermen on television and we should use caution in celebrating what a cloudy or sunny day forecasts for the rest of the winter. Today will be overcast, cold and dreary with even some snow thrown into the mix here in Virginia but up in Pennsylvania, Phil emerged from his hole and saw his shadow. He agrees with the meteorologists that the winter of 2010 will be a long one. Either way, winter is here until sometime into the end of March. There are no if's, and's or but's about it.

Tucker ran a groundhog up a tree last spring and I thought I had a picture of it but, unfortunately I could not find it. I didn't know groundhogs could climb trees. I guess in desperation, anybody can do just about anything. In any case, whether the winter will continue for many more weeks or not, this too shall pass and sunshine and summer breezes will arrive eventually. And, then it's back to lavender!

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