Saturday, February 6, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

Although we didn't get the driveway shoveled out beyond that which is right in front of the house, it was a good day and, after what seemed to be endless hours of blowing snow, the sun came out and all was right with the world. Even the Witch Hazel blossoms survived the storm and live to tell about it.

After shoveling, clearing the satellite dish of snow, picture painting and candle making--hey, what else do we have to do when we are snowed in(?)--we went out and shoveled again.

Please, oh please, mister plowman with the really big John Deere tractor, please come tomorrow and and dig out the monster portion of our driveway still waiting to be shoveled. I don't think my shoulders, neck and back can take much more. And, since it was Peter's birthday today, he deserves to get out and celebrate a bit tomorrow, even if it means just going to the store for more milk. I'm sure that this birthday will be one of the more memorable ones on his list just because of all the snow and the shoveling that went along with it.

It's also Tucker's birthday today, too. He turned four-years-old and was one of eight black lab puppies born to his mother--another "ochto-mom". With that said, I fixed a nice pork loin for supper, lit the candles on a chocolate cake in honor of Peter and Tucker and we toasted to Kevin down at college, also snowed in but with no electricity there. Although we don't have phone service through our land line, it is way better than having no electricity. The smallest of birthday gifts are always the best.

So, at the end of this "blizzard" of a day, a toast to all of my boys--first, Happy birthday to Peter, I love you and to Tucker, the lovable lab and to my dear son, Kevin, I hope the electricity comes back on real soon at the University of Mary Washington and I hope you took time out to go sledding--one of your most favorite things to do in life, although I know you miss that parent-child bonding time we could have had if you had been here to shovel along with us. Stay warm and safe. And, to everyone out there, you might as well enjoy the snow. It's not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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  1. Love that first greenhouse picture. Beautiful.