Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back On Line And The Snow is Still Here!

"But now 'tis winter, child, And bitter northwinds blow, The ways are wet and wild, The land is laid with snow."
Robert Bridges

After days of no internet service, due to a bent satellite tower and the collapsed barn the satellite tower was built upon in a nearby town, I am back in contact with the outside world...hallelujah! However, not much has changed--there is still about three winters' worth of snow on the ground. The rain gauge, standing 3 feet high, is just now peeking through the snow and even an old wasp's nest I spied high up in a tree can't get a break from this weather.

I attempted to make my way to the pussy willow out back--farther afield--a place beyond, I believe, Narnia, where the deer now rule, but I still sunk into the snow drifts up to my thighs. Even the Pink Pussy Willow Tree, just off the back patio seems a long and arduous climb through banks of stubborn snow. Both approaching full bloom status in a couple of weeks and then it will be pussy willow-wreath-making-season, once again.

The Willow is a symbol of grief in the tree and woody shrub world. In the language of plants and flowers, sprigs of willow can be worn by those who have been forsaken in love. It's meaning let's them share their heartache with the world. But, no one can deny that the catkins of willows are lovely just the same. When it is blooming,he pink pussy willow is much more delicate looking and reflects a wispy glow of blush in cloudy and sunny weather.

Tucker was hopeful that I would blaze a new trail for him, having grown tired of the shoveled areas and driveway. No such luck, there! It will easily be a few more weeks of the same old trails for both of us. Now I know how the pioneers felt trying to make their way over the mountains before the big snows came or they would be stuck for months.

Thankfully, grocery stores and craft stores are the purveyors of all things necessary to get me through this unforgiving February, which is traditionally the snowiest month of the year for us here in Northern Virginia. This one, however, is a bit snowier than others with 56 inches clocked in, so far--but who's still counting, anyway?! Back to the craft room I go...

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