Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's Cooking in the Greenhouse

I've been busy these past few days just trying to catch up in the greenhouse after the Bluemont and Waterford Fairs. I'm hoping I'm not a little late in getting some cuttings going before the first frosts set in, which which can't be too far away at this point in October. I've got scented geranium cuttings, and also Spanish and French lavender cuttings, both considered annual lavenders here in Zone 6. I have a lot more to do but have also pulled in from small holding beds around the greenhouse boxwood, bays, Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender (another annual) myrtle and Eugenia. Most of these plants were cut and rooted in the summer and I even sold several of them at the Bluemont Fair along with rosemary standards.

Well, they look nice and comfortable now, but just wait until this weekend when I start pulling in the big stuff. That's when I have to get creative and make room for everything from 6-foot bay trees to an orange tree to lots more rosemary's, myrtles, hibiscus and other plants I think I can't live without next year and will dig up from the garden to winter over in the greenhouse.

I'll let these little guys breathe easy for a few more days but the clock is ticking and the greenhouse will soon be packed up nice and tight for the winter. So much to do!

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