Saturday, July 11, 2009

Robin's Eggs

I'm down to the final stretch in the lavender harvest--about 15 bushes to go and I'm taking a break for the day. I was walking through the knot garden early this morning, with camera in hand, when a robin startled me by flying out of the bay standard positioned in one of the corners. I peered carefully through the bay leaves and in the very center of the branches is perched this robin's nest with three turquoise blue eggs. They are so pretty, I had to take this picture. It's a rather pleasant place here in the center of this small bay tree. I can see why the robin chose this place for her nest. Lot's of sunshine as well as shade, water, flowers to fill the air with light fragrance, a slight breeze flows through the sturdy plant providing good ventilation and a nice view of the garden to boot. This is a pretty nice set-up for a family of free, too.

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