Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Parterre/Knot Garden

The month of July here in Northern Virginia has been the second driest on record but here at Blooming Hill the Knot Garden/Parterre is doing wonderfully. The center, as you know, was transformed in the early spring with lavender, boxwood, thyme and rosemary to resemble a
knotted pattern and the lavenders are growing in beautifully. The English Boxwood plants have taken hold as well but will grow much slower than the lavender.

The long and narrow side beds are both lined with boxwood. I planted one of these beds with different everlasting flowers that will dry and add color and texture to lavender arrangements. I planted it in neat little rows of different cockscombs/amaranths, babies breath, straw flowers , dahlias, globe amaranth and Victoria Blue Salvia. The other side bed is planted with rows mainly of salad edibles like spinach, lettuces (mescalin and spicy mixes,) calendulas, radishes, some chives and one cantaloupe and even an unidentified gourd volunteer. Basic ,yellow marigolds add a pop of hot color to the borders as well.

The half circle end caps both display a lovely Victorian vintage vine called Cup and Saucer Vine. I also planted in these two small beds basils, peppers and eggplant. However, the rabbits can't seem to resist the tender eggplant foliage so we may not see an eggplant itself materialize this season.

All in all, this parterre/knot garden with it's bay and myrtle standards, which Tucker inspects daily for new bird's nests, is doing beautifully and the plate edging adds a bit of unique formality and structure. The centerpiece black iron wire basket packed with geraniums, lavender, petunias, pinwheel zinnias and chamomile is the crowning, whimsical touch to this garden. I only wish the rabbits and chipmunks didn't like what's growing in this garden so much but how can they help themselves. It is a pleasant place to sit and relax on the wrought iron bench in the cool of the morning or the warmth of the early evening

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