Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Urn

Peter came home with a new urn this past Friday night. It is a lovely cement urn, low and wide with lots of classic, scalloped detailing and, oh yeah, a bit broken.

Ever the resourceful gardener hooked on urns and statuary, he knew he could fix it in a jiffy with just a smidgen of cement adhesive. So, for $25 dollars, Peter bought a $400 urn at a local nursery , where I sent him to pick up a few Portulaca plants to replace the dying Calibrachoa in our window boxes. The Calibrachoa (Million Bells) have been especially persnickety this year with all of the rain and they don't like to have a full watering can dumped on them either even when they are particularly dry. They like it it just right--whatever that may be on a daily basis.

Anyway, back to the urn...I thought I 'd show you the newest addition to the family collection, from it's first night fresh off the pickup truck to it's debut today all planted and pretty with a ceramic guinnea hen who will call this home for the rest of the summer along with the pink "Wave" Petunias and a petite "Buttercup" Barbarry shrub. How pretty is that surrounded by "Autumn Brilliance Sedum, Hypericum and English Boxwood?!

While we're at it, take a gander at a few other urns around the place as well. The large urn, planted with a "Shamrock" Holly, positioned at the center and in front of the garage doors was also a find that we picked up in Fredrick, MD last fall. It's pedestal was broken when we spotted it in front of an antique shop. We bought that urn for $95 while it's original price was $700. See what you can do with a little imagination and determination (and a husband who is pretty handy around the house)?

The rest of the urns are just as beautiful in their different shapes and sizes. They all came to Blooming Hill in one peice however, and it's just about high summer so I thought I'd show what they look like packed with blooms and vines in the middle of a cooler than usual northern Virginia summer. If I haven't mentioned it before, I should tell you now...we love garden urns!

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