Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

In spite of lots of clouds with very little rain and cool weather for the past several days, I know that spring is coming even without the calender telling me that it is due to arrive this Friday. Why? The daffodils are blooming and will soon be coming on strong. A toad appeared from somewhere and decided to rest on the driveway for a spell. He still looks a bit drowsy from a long, cold winter. In the green house--rosemary plants are blooming, pansies and petunias are popping all over the place and, best of all, the clivia I've had for at least 5 years (a gift from my mother-in-law) finally decided to bloom! Not just one bloom--but another on the way...better late than never. What a way to usher in spring with a burst of blooming colors.

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