Monday, March 23, 2015

The Rock Wall--Okay--Small Wall

Last fall, in the middle of the Loudoun County Fall Farm Tour, one of our customers dropped off a pile of unused flat rocks he had left over from a project he finished on his own property.  Although we were most appreciative of his generosity, we hardly had time to look at the pile of rocks, unloaded next to the recently completed labyrinth and close the front entrance of our property, much less put the rocks to any sort of use.

Separating the low hill from the flat ground.
However, we did have a plan for them, thinking they would make a good beginning at finishing off the low but steep slope as a border wall on one side of the labyrinth.  It wasn't a very large pile of rocks and they certainly would not build a wall high enough to cover the slope, but it would be a good start.

I tried, in vain, to at least neaten the pile up but that didn't work either.  It was time to build the wall--okay--ledge.
So, the pile of rocks sat there, patiently waiting and not exactly as a crowning touch to this sacred little circular path, but as an eye sore especially to me, every time I drove in and out of the driveway, past the labyrinth.  Then, fall faded into a memory, winter came and went, suddenly springtime arrived, and--what do you know???  The pile of rocks had not gone anywhere. It was still sitting there, patiently waiting for something to happen.

Well, maybe it isn't very high, but the pile of rocks has been completely  transformed into something at least neat and tidy and visitors using the labyrinth won't be distracted by them.

Last Monday, I found myself  trying very hard not to look at it as I carefully spread grass seed along the circular winding path in much need of spring-green sprouts. But, I could not look away.  I swear those rocks were looking at me--in fact, they were staring me down! I decided I would lay down just one row of the bloody things and that would use most of the rocks.

Then, perhaps, I wouldn't notice that darn pile so much.  Of course, it really didn't bring the pile down very much at all. So, it was clear that it was up to me to make that pile go away and finally allow those rocks to fulfill their purpose and be a part of the Blooming Hill Labyrinth Experience, and not be just a pile of rocks.

Of course, there always has to be a quality control expert (his words, not mine).  He didn't think I saw him--but I did.

The project manager was totally bored with the whole thing...Sighhhh...
It took a couple of hours each day, for four days to construct something, probably not comparable to the Great Wall of China or even something akin to the Berlin Wall, but I eradicated that pile and made something good--with rocks, no less.  So, Mr. Gorbechev, I will not need you to, in the words of President Ronald Reagan, "tear that wall down!" Nor am I worried that Attila the Hun will be showing anytime soon.  However, the rock wall--okay--small wall built by me, looks pretty darn good for a first time effort.

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