Tuesday, March 31, 2015

L Heart T--A Wedding Story.

Another Rinek Family wedding!  Most of the family--aunts, uncles and cousins--gather in the hotel lobby before the event. Unfortunately, lots of cousins could make it to the wedding.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.
The bride and her father walk down the sun-drenched aisle. 
The newlyweds, Lisa and Topher Rinek.
The cowboy crooner softly sang the Wedding Song, "For wherever two or more of you are gathered in His Name, there is love..." as the beautiful bride, dressed in white lace, walked down the grassy aisle on the arm of her father.  Then, she took the hands of her handsome groom and together they pledged their lives to each other in the early evening of a late March day.                                                                                                                

"L heart T" (Lisa loves Topher and Topher loves Lisa) was the theme of another Rinek wedding gathering, this time in the Texas Hill Country town of Dripping Springs where Lisa's and Topher's family and friends came to together in celebration of these two becoming husband and wife.

This vintage vignette at the reception is a dreamy idea for a sweet honeymoon.
Blooming Texas Bluebells.
The Rinek siblings; Bob, Peter, Amy, Mitch and Tom. May the sun always shine down on you.
F.O.G. Mitch, Lisa, Topher and M.O.G. Nancy

The sun's rays stretched through the vast blue sky, shining down on the beautiful couple standing under a gazebo surrounded by blooming Texas bluebells. The gazebo, adorned with grape vine and a bouquet of white flowers from roses to baby's breath, served as the alter.                                                                                                                        

Great-tailed grackles whistle and chirp throughout Austin and Hill Country.
A nearby trickling brook kept time to the background music and the
cadence of the bible readings and blessings.   The Wedding Song filled the guests' hearts-- "Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again.  There is love...." A beautiful song for a tranquil evening wedding where even the great-tailed grackles chimed in with their own love calls and chants.

Members of the wedding party happily waiting their turn for pictures with the newlyweds.

'Tis a gift to be simple.
Cousins Kevin, Cristy and Kelly posing by the babbling brook.
Blending in with the Texas Hill Countryside, members of the bridal party wore spring colors of fresh celadon and cool grey while burlap and lace, gathered and tucked among the tables and chairs, highlighted the flowers in pretty pink, soft yellow, pale green and creamy white.  Tiny roses spilled out of tabletop lanterns, taking the place of candles.  Fragrant stock and Queen Anne's Lace draped over centerpiece vases while crystal clear ball jars filled with baby's breath hung sweetly along the wedding path.

A grand barn for a wedding reception, Texas style--indeed!
One of the cozy cottages for calming pre-ceremony jitters and final wedding details.
Cascading fairie roses.
Topher with his older brother and Best Man, Andy.  Beards seem to run in the Rinek family.
Prairie-style cottages stood tall, proud of their Hill Country heritage. In proper wedding fashion, there was a cottage called 'Dove' devoted to the bride and her ladies-in-waiting as well as one for the groom and the men who stood with him, aptly called 'Moss'.  Never to be forgotten and always supportive, a third cottage, 'Ivy' stood ready for the parents, in anticipation of the wedding nuptials. Then, there was the event barn itself, large and regal, that held the candlelit reception dressed with twinkling lights, nostalgic toasts filled with love and tenderness for Lisa and Topher and their future together, a delicious Texas style wedding feast, more guitar music and lots and lots of dancing.

The cake and the bouquet.
Thr cowboy sings a love song.
A tabletop bouquet.
Beautiful boutineer. 
Outside, in the cool country air as darkness settled in, lights twinkled in the trees and the stars were bright in the Texas nighttime sky, granting the best of wishes and hearty congratulations to Lisa and Topher.  Thank you to Lisa's parents, the McCreery's as they were the perfect parents of the bride 'hosts', making sure all of the details were in place and no stone was left unturned for a perfect beginning for these "two to travel on as one.  Oh, there is love..."

Writer's Note:  The Wedding Song was written in 1969 by Noel Paul Stookey, of the Folk Singing Trio 'Peter, Paul and Mary'.  He wrote it for co-member Peter's wedding, where Paul was the Best Man.
Happy bride-check.  Happy groom-check.  Happy aunt of the groom raising a toast with a lavender-blueberry lemonade, laced with a touch of voka--check, check and check!
Cocktails served before the wedding--lemonade slushies!  My favorite, of course, was the lavender blueberry-lemonade.

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  1. Thanks for sharing wedding story here with us. I like the idea of vintage vignette at the wedding reception. It’s my dream too! I just loved the Texas bluebells too. Wedding bouquet is also beautiful.