Monday, January 5, 2015

Pretty In Pink!

Pretty in pink baby girl shower favors for the guests.
My perfectly British friends, Kim and Melanie. 
"Sugar and spice and everything nice, that is what little girls are made of." That is how the sweet little nursery rhyme goes when describing a baby girl and a lovely sugar and spiced afternoon in honor of one particular little girl, soon to be born this coming spring.

The birth of a baby--girl(s) or/and boy(s)--is a wonderful thing and the expectant waiting is half of the fun of this most blessed event, especially when it is celebrated with cherished friends and family. I was lucky enough to be one of those celebrants invited, this past Sunday, to a perfectly pink baby girl shower at the home of my friend, Kim.  She threw a most delicious pretty pink shower for the daughter-in-law of another friend, Melanie.

Being the true and proper Brits (from Great Britain) that they are, both Kim and Melanie are fascinated with the American tradition of a baby shower and what made the afternoon even more special was that Melanie's daughter-in-law is Peruvian.  So, this American event turned into a perfectly lovely international event.

Some of the ladies with the mother-to-be at the head of the table.
Kim even went to the trouble of researching how countries, all over the world celebrate baby showers and then went even further and gave us all an explanation about bridal showers, too!  If you don't know already, baby showers tend to be traditionally women dominated events, no matter where you may live, although I'm sure that men would come, if asked, and if there is no football game scheduled on television during the same time.

What a special afternoon it was with a pretty  pink-tinged table, pink tulips and pink paper and ribbons swirled around poke-a-dots and baby's breath along with a delicious luncheon crowned by strawberry pink cupcakes.  The afternoon was perfectly pretty in pink and dedicated to the mother-to-be with pink pomegranate prosecco while the mother-to-be enjoyed sparkling water--how perfect!

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