Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3:10 To Yuma--Well, NOT Exactly!!

Rose and Scott are the picture of happiness indeed!
Picture this. The setting is in a tranquil park alongside the Colorado River in Yuma, Arizona where a dashing soldier-groom, our nephew Scott, married his beautiful bride, Rose, with friends and family present to bestow their best wishes and congratulations on the happy couple.  Not exactly the movie, 3:10 To Yuma, you may know of, about the Old West and bank robbers.  Instead, it was a happy country garden-style wedding that took place in this historic Arizona town last Saturday, a warm January day with not one cloud in the azure-blue sky, promising a bright future for Scott and Rose and the wedding happened at exactly 3pm.

Busy, busy, BUSY!!!
Nancy, Amy and Laurie.
M.O.G. Amy with another brother, Mitch. 
It all began with a brisk wind in the morning, that mirrored the bustle and commotion of setting up for the big day.  At 10am, there were tables and chairs to set up, a dance floor to be put into place, strings upon strings of lights and glass lanterns to be hung while bunches of flowers in all shapes and shades were thoughtfully arranged into lovely tabletop bouquets that set off the yards of  freshly pressed burlap tablecloths.

Later in the afternoon, the coral-colored roses paired with soft white baby's breath wrapped into the bride's perfect bouquet would eventually become just the right touch to her beaded dress and veil.
Soon to be bride and groom from the Rinek clan, Christopher and fiance Lisa.

The bride, Rose and P.Lorenz, planning out their vision of the wedding flowers.
Peter with niece Cristy, Peter's twin sister Amy and Amy's friend Laurie.
Cousins Kevin, Cristy and Brian getting down to business.  If they ever quit their day jobs, the floral industry will be only too happy to have them.

Peter headed up the floral design crew and created the bride's bouquet.
It was a crazy, wonderful morning filled with friends and family coming together to help the bride and groom turn a public park into an intimate wedding setting.   By 3pm, the brisk wind settled down to a gentle breeze calming the day and ushering in only good thoughts for the couple as the wedding guests gathered. The breeze quieted even more just in time to accompany the bride and her father down the grassy aisle and the wedding went off without a hitch as the bride and groom pledged their lives to each other.

Father and daughter as they walk down the aisle.

Rose and Scott listening closely to the advice of the pastor during the ceremony.
Twilight in the park.

The dance floor.
The tables are set and ready.
Evening in the park, along the Colorado River.
Finally, a lovely reception under a starry sky complete with twinkling lights, champagne toasts, tinkling glasses, delicious regional cuisine and music to dance the night away by, were all in place for the bridal couple and their guests to enjoy. Every detail was meticulously planned by Scott and Rose to start their life together, in a most loving way.  This creative and innivative couple has a wonderful future ahead of them with endless possibilities. Congratulations and best wishes to them!

More pictures...
Mitch and Nancy Rinek

Where are all of the single ladies?!?
(L-R)  Brian, Nick, Kelly, Cristy & Amy.
Cousins (L-R) Christopher, Scott and Kevin.

F.O.G Marty, Scott and M.O.G Amy, all smiles.
Cousins and siblings, fiances and friends--oh my!
So handsome!  They clean up good, don't they!?!

The groom's parents toasting the happy couple.
Cutest little Flower Girl!
The best man and the mother of the bride.

Time to catch the 3:10 back to Virginia!

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