Monday, October 14, 2013

Where The Sun Always Shines!

Six days of rain (and counting) and over six inches of it sitting in my gardens here at Blooming Hill have done nothing to dampen my spirits when it comes to fall.  Quite the opposite really, since August and September were both pretty stingy when it came to dolling out moisture for the gardens.  In any case, I spent much of last week either down in my workroom filling velvet pumpkins with lavender potpourri or at the Virginia State Arboretum dodging raindrops and greeting die hard gardeners as they shopped for plants and decor, at Blandy's Arborfest, to fill their autumn gardens in anticipation for next year's spring.

Truly, you gotta love a gardener--always optimistic when it comes to planting plants and embellishing their landscapes. American movie actress and icon, Audrey Hepburn, once said,
"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." In somewhat the same vain of hope and faithfulness, one customer informed me, as one of the more virulent bands of rain was unleashing its fury over us, that "a fifty percent chance of rain also means fifty percent chance of sun, too!". Okay--whatever.  He was, at least, a happy camper.  And, by the way, if it is raining on you, that means  a 100% chance of rain, but I don't think that guy was in the mood to hear that.

So, here I am, this Columbus Day Weekend, still sticking to my story of a glorious fall filled with pumpkin totems, scarlet colored leaves, strange looking scarecrows and sunny golden days.  And, as my Swedish grandmother, Helga, used to say about her beloved 'lil stuga' (translation: cottage often located near a body of water--yep! Close enough!) in Wisconsin, "The sun always shines there."  So, as it goes, it also shines at Blooming Hill, (under my travelling tent or on my property) no matter the weather.

Stop by and see us October 19 and 20 during Loudoun County's Annual Fall Farm Tour and enjoy a lavender-infused tea brought to you by Loudoun Valley Herbs and featuring our signature lavender ice cream.  I have it on good authority that the sun will be shining.

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  1. We've had a beautiful fall here in Eastern Washington State. Last night the winds whipped up and a Canadian cold front moved in... and temperatures in the high '60s won't be seen again until next spring.
    Did you grow all of those gourds and pumpkins? Our only pumpkin/gourd decor is home-grown this year, so it is rather sparse.