Friday, September 27, 2013

September in the Garden of Good and Evil

Spanish moss I brought home from Savannah , GA this past August

September's full harvest moon kept vigil in the night sky.
Perched precariously atop colorful gourds, this cherub seems to be listening intently to something unknown.
Spanish moss hangs wistfully, as a memory of summer, off of a magnolia branch in my backyard and September's full harvest moon has come and gone. Another reminder that all of summer's frenetic activity in the garden is slowly giving way to fall's sleepy pace. Yet, there is still much to enjoy as I walk through the bending zinnias and bolting marigolds.  Why, even today, with three days left to this month, some of the lavenders did not get the memo that fall arrived this past Sunday afternoon and they are still happily blooming.  I'm sure they're wondering where the party went, leaving them almost alone, it seems, to wait out the last of the warm days.  A little shiver runs up my spine.

The devil himself disguised, as usual, in the form of an innocent fawn breathing in the fragrance of lavender at high noon and munching on sedum--He thinks I don't see him.
Look closely, if your dare--a stink bug emerges from the withering petals of a sunflower.  It's alive!

Once green, now brown, all too soon.

I always feel like somebody's watching me--In this case, it's a floating frog shrouded by the murky water of the fountain.
Among the fading blooms, hints of something, maybe not wicked this way comes, but something else, signaling the closing of the warm and familiar weather door to the opening of a strange, new window ushering in crisp, breezy air and an impending frost. Caterpillars and praying mantis eerily begin to change color and those devil deer continue to lurk in my September garden. Spiders knit thick webs that capture dead leaves and stink bugs reappear with no better reason other than it's September.

The shadow of a fairy balancing atop marigolds at sunset.

At least he's a happy black cat crossing my lavender path.
Fairies flit through the twining vines and flowers in the dusky evenings enjoying the last of their summer wine as darkness falls all too early, nowadays.  If autumn was not so beautiful, with the promise of crimson-stained leaves and golden afternoons, the fairies might seem a tad more perturbed and fidgety. However, to everything, there is a season and the one of black cats and witch hats is just around the corner.  So, I'll bid farewell to September and turn the page to a new chapter in my garden of mostly good and, if you don't count the devil deer, not really evil, to welcome the mystery and magic of October.

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  1. " If autumn was not so beautiful, with the promise of crimson-stained leaves and golden afternoons"... Pure poetry!

    Darn stinkbugs, messing up a perfectly lovely September.
    I don't miss them at all, but I do miss you and your beautiful garden. Happy fall!