Friday, June 28, 2013

U-Pick Lavender at Blooming Hill

We have had such a great spring that lavender is blooming up all over the place here at Blooming Hill...Hey, maybe that's we call ourselves Blooming Hill!!  U-Pick lavender starts today, June 28 and will go into July Fridays and Saturdays while supply lasts.  We have 'Grosso', 'Provence' and 'Royal Purple' varieties ready for you to pick and ribbon up yourself.  'Provence' and 'Royal Purple' are culinary varieties, as well.  Come and enjoy the beautiful day and pretty gardens and hum along with the bees as they flit from stem to stem.  Just don't grab one of those bees...they really don't care for that!...Trust me, I know from where I speak.

Anyway, make a (or several, whatever you prefer) bouquet by filling up a Ball Jar for $12.00.  Minus the Ball Jar, of course...sorry...they are supplied here to assist you in making your bundle of lavender, approximately 150 stems, the prettiest it can be.  If you don't want to pick that lavender, we have freshly picked bundles all ready to go as well.  Stop by.

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  1. I've seen pictures already (from Dee) and I can only imagine how fabulous it must be there right now.

    How do I know when my lavender is ready to pick?