Monday, June 17, 2013

The Colors of the Season--What's Trending (Growing) Now

Red Rose and Sun Drop hosiery compliment flow blue high heels.
It's Fashion Week here in the Blooming Hill Gardens.  Come to think of it, every week is fashion week here from early spring to frost.  Okay, okay--it may not be exactly what we all think of when it comes to fashion week but the warmer months, especially June, bring out the season's brights, pastels, prints and textures that rival even the best of the couture designer's ideas.  Perhaps, because designers often rely on Mother Nature for inspiration, especially when it comes to color and style.

African Daisies are never posers!
Although the buzz around Blooming Hill by those in the know, so to speak, is all about the color lavender.  It's the reason for the season, the icing on the cake, the bees knees, (ohhhhh, you know what I mean) and, the Grande Dame is just about to make her appearance here.  So, naturally, there many other flowers who want to take advantage of center stage before her entrance into summer and some even dress in the chosen color, too!  And, why wouldn't they?!  It's the color of royalty, rich and deep and, the crowning glory to my gardens.

Pretty striped petunias make a wide-brimmed sun hat.
'Crystal Palace Gem' Garden Geranium wrap the statuary  in style.
Asiatic Lilies flaunt themselves in orange.  What's old is new again.  
Blushing begonias.
Butterfly Weed for only the most discerning of fluttery creatures. 
A zesty and sassy Nasturtium blossom.
Subtle Sea Holly.
 Rose Campion atop silver-fringed stems.
An urn all decked out for the media.
Madame Mandevilla, I presume.
Pale pink 'Melissa' lavender beginning to make her entrance, not wanting to miss a thing and fit for  a bridal bouquet. Oh my!
 Petite Lobelia paisley-shaped petals.
Dahlias for day into evening.
Oakleaf hydrangea for the office.
Guara, great for weekend wear.
 Daylilies and Coreopsis whisper together while peaking through the crowd.
Martha Washington geraniums can always dress up a garden party.
Brilliant, tiny Brachyscome.
Youthful, dewy Sun Drops emerge twirl in their emerald green petticoats!

Uh, oh! Here come the lavender brides, at last!

There is so much more to the floral fashions of summertime-- kissed by the sun, coiffed by raindrops and fluffed by soft breezes highlighting the colors and patterns of what is trending (growing) now at the outdoor showrooms of Blooming Hill. Everyday brings new fashions to the show designed by Mother Nature, herself.  What's debuting in your garden runways?


  1. There is nothing more fashionable than Lilies. LA hybrids are finishing up, Orienpets are just beginning and Mama's old favorite, Regal Lilies grace the garden with fragrance and glory.

    Butterflies and I are waiting for the gaudy presence of tropicals like Tithonia, Caesalpinia and Tecoma stans.

  2. Pale pink lavender? I've never seen that before!

    Brilliant orange lilies are making their comeback as I type this out on my keyboard. :)