Sunday, March 31, 2013


The Honeybees, all nicely settled into their new home at Blooming Hill .
P.Lorenz, the Honeybee's, chauffeur and tour guide. (Also chief cook and bottle washer.)
"Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home!"  I think that's what I hear a choir of honeybees singing (along with Zippity-Do-Dahhhh), from their new hive home out in the back "forty" here at Blooming Hill.  Our new neighbors, the Honeybee's (wouldn't you like to have a last name like that?...I sure would!), finally arrived in not your typical moving van this past Wednesday, rather, via our Prius.  Peter picked up 3 pounds, that's roughly 3000 bees, from a beekeeper in southern Virginia and they all happily hummed "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to Blooming Hill, we go" as they trundled up-state to their new home where a view of the Blue Ridge will greet them every morning.

Extending a friendly welcome to the neighborhood can sometimes be treacherous. 
Here come the gloves!
Giving the hive walls a good coating of sugar water is like giving the place a fresh coat of paint, bee-style, and calms the bees down at the same time.
Looking at their travelling compartment, you could tell they were a clubby group and, as non-aggressive as honeybees are made out to be, they really don't like you getting too close to them, as Tucker soon found out when curiosity got the better of him which led to a not-so-fine "how do you do" on his left front paw.  Thus, P.Lorenz donned his brand new bee gear in order to place the bees comfortably into their brand spankin' freshly painted and not quite so humble new bee-hive room with a view.  I guess his thinking was, if you want the Honeybee's to stick around, you should provide them with more than just a good school district.  Yes, yes, I know there is a little more to it than that, especially when all the news surrounding honeybee hive health this year, again, has not been good.  Anyway, we'd like to give them a fighting chance and plenty of peace, quiet and space so they will hopefully thrive.

The Queen's royal chariot and her loyal  guard.  She will soon make her debut, once all of the bees have  time to adjust to their new surroundings.  
It seemed as though some of this Honeybee Family just really like the deluxe travel accommodations and need a little coaxing out of their case.  It must be the room service!
Everybody all tucked  in, nice and cozy-like.  Let the welcome party begin!
In any case, the Honeybee's are here and happy for now. When we checked on them yesterday, in order to replace their sugar water, it appeared that the welcome cocktail party was still in full swing, complete with bouncers at the door, swirling around our heads, to remind us that although we may be the landlords and caterers, we are not exactly on their "A" list, just yet. However, they will be in touch, soon--just leave the drinks at the front door and go!  Thank you very much.

Providing the sugary libations.
Somebody needs to tip the delivery boy or he may stand at the door  forever!
So, here we are, the Rinek's and the Honeybee's of Blooming Hill.  It's a nice little neighborhood located out in the country with plenty of fresh air and room to raise a family.  Now, let's hope the Honeybee's appreciate that, along with Blooming Hill lavender, and we will all be happy campers.

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