Thursday, March 7, 2013


A regal crown of royal cockscomb greets Philadelphia Flower Show visitors at the entrance.
So glad to be here.
Fascinating floral-inspired fascinaters are fantastic and all the rage!
Big Ben, the shining centerpiece of the show.
Oh, who cares that it is snowing, raining, slushing and whatever else outside, right at this moment, because it is a perfectly brilliant English Spring, at least at the Philadelphia Flower Show, this week.  Lovely landscape designs, crisply coiffed standards coupled with amazing flower arrangements and a milliue of shoppers mingling in the marketplace make the Philadelphia Convention Center the place to be, if only for a few short days here in the beginning of March.

A lovely emerald green dress topiary fit for a fairy.
English Showers bring English Flowers.
Royally toasting the happy couple at a very English reception.
Formal garden beds surround a formal British wall.
A charming garden shed, somewhere in Brigadoon, I think.
The Philadelphia flower Show is a splendid way to while away the day gazing at royal crowns, spending time at a royal wedding or having tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter.  Even English raindrops seem more gentle when thought of as lightly spritzing the flora and fauna in a Cotswold garden.

This display speaks to the hipster gardener in all of us.
Tulips along with gingerbread trim highlight this cozy cottage garden.
Springtime blossoms offer layers of color and texture.
Yes. It is a well-attended, okay, crowded show to visit but soooooo worth it when you see what can be done with even the simplest of flowers and the most basic of ideas.  And, yes, seeing ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers forced into bloom weeks before they would ever even think about doing so can be a little disconcerting, but only if you stop and think about it a little too long.

Easter flowers inviting the likes of Peter Rabbit into an adventure.
I keep looking for Mr. Darcy and Lizzie to show up here.
The gateway into enchantment and whimsy.
Shall we knock on the door and see who may be home?
I'm pretty sure John, Paul, Ringo and George once stayed here.
However, at the end of the day,  walking through hedgerows, singing in the rain and entering enchanted secret gardens where only the wee fairy folk go, all while standing in the shadow of Big Ben, makes the United Kingdom BRILLIANT in Philadelphia!

Layer upon layer of flowers cascading from garden urns abound at the show.
Chatting it up with Elizabeth at the PFS.
The theme of the PFS featuring The United Kingdom from Ireland to England,

A British-inspired coldframe/greenhouse...whatever your fancy!
Croquet, anyone?...Anyone???

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  1. Looks like fun! Although I'm not sure a floral fascinater is a good idea -- at least not at a garden party! -- I do like that topiary dress.