Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Her Royal Hurricane, Sandy!

The greenhouse and Witch Hazel tree, ready and waiting for H.R.H.Sandy to arrive.

A footnote of October's whimsy and beauty before it all went south.
First, there was "Snowmeggeden," a couple of years ago.  Then, there was the longest, hottest July accompanied by the longest, hottest, muggiest power outage, this past summer, I think I've ever lived through and, in the last few days, we have faced and conquered "Frankenstorm" (a.k.a. Her Royal Hurricane, Sandy).  Geesh!  What's next?!  Okay...I already know the answer to that question..."DON'T ASK!"

Sure, last week's beautiful weather and lovely autumn colors lulled us into a false sense of security.  Yet, it seems that the extreme sports we see on television, like motocross, spelunking and skiing down mountains ahead of an avalanche now face some competition when it comes to the extreme weather we can all experience in our own backyards.

The gazebo, tied down and holding it's own in the pouring rain.
Just snoozin' while H.R.H.Sandy snuck in through the back gate. Some watch dog, huh?!
The last twenty-four hours ended a week-long wait for what the meteorologists warned us would be bigger than we could imagine and their warnings didn't disappoint us or, at least me.  Here at Blooming Hill, it all started out innocently enough and we were ready with our brand new generator that promised even running water for flushing toilets so, bring it on!

Leaves on the shop's front porch floor after H.R.H.Sandy's departure.
A river runs through it, around it and any way it pleases!
And, on it brought with the power going out around 7pm last night and not turning back on until around 10:30am this morning. (Thank you, Dominion Virginia Power Company, for not making it any longer than that.) Her Royal Hurricane, Sandy also brought with her a sloshing six inches plus of rain and relentless wind, here at Blooming Hill--PHEW!--What a night.  It was even raining in both the living room and family room fire places while water also decided to make a grand entrance in our otherwise always dry basement.  Surprise!  However, we were too clever and quick for H.R.H. Sandy to make any real appearance down there.  Thank goodness for lots and lots of old beach towels and especially the "Shop Vac."

Blooming Hill's umpteenth fallen tree of 2012.
The "Chainsaw Maverick" totally in his element
A tired and tentative labragator in the rain.
So, we awoke to find a river running through the property, down the hill, surrounding the shop and skipping over stones, branches and rocks, spilling into the culverts and ponds farther afield. Not only that, at the top of the driveway, H.R.H. Sandy left her calling card as only she could, a toppled tree.  At least the wind had subsided by this morning but, the rain just keeps on raining.  Even the resident "labragator"  was beginning to look a little tentative and thoroughly over all of this moisture.

Work, work, work! Always work!
Almost finished but never really done and, never boring here at Blooming Hill.
Yet, I know it could have been worse, I mean way worse and my heart goes out to those in Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut with a prayer for them to be safe, take care and be vigilant...extreme weather is only getting started.  We still have to get through this coming winter that's already throwing out all kinds of extreme cues and while H.R.H. Sandy has left the building, so to speak, Her Supreme Highness, Mother Nature, is rolling up her sleeves and getting down to work.

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  1. That was indeed a LOT of water coming down (and in) thanks to Sandy.
    How did the gift shop fare in the face of your insta-river?

    Labragator is a word I need to pass on to my friend with FOUR Labs (1 chocolate, 1 black, and 2 yellows--one of whom looks more butterscotch than yellow).