Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh, Brother!

What did you get for Christmas? Was it what you wanted? I got what I wanted, and then some!  No, not a brother. I already have one of those.  I got something way cooler than's a brand spankin' new SE400 Brother Sewing Machine that has all sorts of bells and whistles with a plethora of new stitches along with the capability to embroider and that is just what I wanted! Now I can do some really cool things when it comes to crafting. I'm not sure, but this machine seems so capable of doing just about anything that I suspect it might also be able to wash and dry dishes...still trying to find those specific directions in the operating manual but, I suspect they are in there somewhere...just give me time.

My new "Brother" on top of  "War Horse."
A rainbow of sewing threads.
Anyway, I had been making noises about a new sewing machine for months now and, me being me, not the most proficient and/or patient when it comes to operating highly computerized machines, probably because I am not highly computerized myself, have always been a bit jealous of those smarty pants-type people who seem to know just what button to push and what switch to flip and everything runs smoothly.  So, I kind've dragged my feet when it came to making any decision concerning finding a new sewing machine. After all, managing an android telephone has been challenging enough as of late. That, and the fact that my mother-in-law's machine which I have been using for years is still trudging along, whimpering a little, but none the less, trudging loyally along. (Think War Horse without the WWI battle scenes.)

But, there it was, under the Christmas tree waiting for me and it has been almost total bliss.   I got this beautiful, new Brother Sewing Machine that, to me, a novice in the machine embroidery business, does everything but walk and talk. After learning how to thread it, which is way easier than I first made it out to be, this baby is almost too accommodating. And, while it is happily stitching along, I sit in awe of it's natural born talent. It makes me feel like one of those smarty pants-type people who always get it right the first time and never look back.  Good thing this Brother Sewing Machine is incredibly patient with me, too, as I fish through directions and learn what it can do.  Okay, I'll admit to not using very lady-like language once or twice while the sewing machine sits quietly, waiting for me to get with it's program and I'm totally aware that it's been smirking at me when I'm not looking but, I don't care.  I have now joined the ranks of those smarty pants-type people...Oh Brother!

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  1. Be careful, Cyndie... the next thing you know you will be quilting! In the meantime, I am keeping my old trusty hand-me-down machine from seeing this post (I need it to keep working for a few more years).
    ~Karen :)