Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moon Glow and Morning Glory's

The past few nights have been a succession of brilliant and glowing performances from the Harvest Moon, out-shining even the stars as it ushered in the crisp, dewy sunshine where the late summer Morning Glory's are just...glorious!   It seems the moon was finally able to wake them up from their long summer beauty sleep and now the Glory's are peeking out from behind their heart-shaped emerald blankets looking all bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Their spiraled buds unfold like whirling dervishes and reveal designs in violet to damask blue and creamy white hues on star shaped petals, in my garden, smiling back at the sun busily dusting off the early dawn mists.

It might be sunshine radiating from the Glory's, but it seems to me that each newly opened blossom caught a piece of the golden glow from the harvest moon, these past few nights, and then released it back to the sun in the brightness of the day. The moon glow and Morning Glory's play their parts beautifully during the cool nights and sweet days of September. however, both are fleeting.  The Harvest Moon comes only once a year, as close as possible to the autumnal equinox, while each individual Morning Glory makes the most of it's one day in the spotlight.  Their brief-bloom life cycle continues into the autumn days with the rising of the sun until the first frost.

In the language of flowers, Morning Glory's represent "fleeting love or a love in vain," a beautiful, wondrous thing that, sadly, doesn't seem to last so, bask in the presence of Morning Glory's while you can. And, the particularly bright and radiant night-time glow of the harvest moon, now spent itself, highlighted all the beauty normally not seen in the ordinary day to night and back to day scenes I take for granted in my gardens.  It's closeness to the autumnal equinox and the changing of the warmer to the cooler season makes the moon seem bigger and more vibrant--thus a Harvest Moon complete with resplendent moon glow. Even the devil deer, munching on the spent Morning Glory's late into the evening, seem to enjoy (of course, they always seem to enjoy my gardens...they're devil deer!) the night light.

Moon Glow and Morning Glory's...Moon glow and Morning Glory's...such lovely things to be preoccupied with this time of the year...Or, should it be Morning Glory's and moon glow?...Whichever way you think of them they evoke lovely images of late summer bounty into early autumn beauty.

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  1. I managed to have little damage from devil deer (we always called them evil deer, with a ghost story to accompany the name) while we lived there in Northern Virginia, but I had a run-in -- literally! -- with a deer here on Saturday night. If you don't count the destroyed grill on my minivan, I clearly won the battle: family injuries were zero but the deer was totaled. (I still felt bad for it.)