Monday, September 5, 2011

Enchanted Circles

Most people think that fall really starts when school begins rather than when the Autumnal Equinox occurs.  This year, that date happens to be on Friday, September 23 and more precisely, at 5:04 in the late afternoon of that day.  Until then, you can stand out on almost any corner, at this time of year, and watch a parade of golden school buses pass by, trekking children back to school and then home again. For me,some of the first signs of fall are grapevine wreaths, glue guns and eucalyptus laid out haphazardly on the kitchen counter while Peter creates his signature handcrafted circles in the colors of the season.

The entire house smells of the heavy, minty and musky aroma of an ancient eucalyptus forest that exists somewhere between a tropical forest and the snow-capped mountain peaks of a sleeping volcano.  The magic of eucalyptus draws out the "Mists of Avalon," right here in my kitchen, on an early September morning.  All I need is a good cup of chai tea to complete the scene and perhaps a little instrumental music composed by, oh, let's say, Mozart floating through the room.

Suddenly, I'm pulled out of my hazy daydream by the call of a temperamental artist in the background, "I need more glue sticks!  Did you buy any when you were out shopping this week?"  Of course!  "Well, if we have them, where are they?"  I hear back in my ear and reply, "Downstairs in your workroom, dear, at eye level where they always are."....sigh.  Oh, the trials and tribulations that come with the art of creating just the right sacred circle to hang above a fireplace mantel or center over the living room couch, the desk in the study, a door or even over the headboard of a bed.  You'd be amazed at how many people are looking for such a thing designed by P. Lorenz!

Anyway, here are some of the first signs of the approaching Autumnal Equinox at Blooming Hill.  Stop by the shop to see them in person.  I'm also at the Orange Street Fair in Orange, Virginia this coming Saturday while Peter will be out sailing on the Potomac.  "Artists need their quiet time to renew their creative juices" least that is what he tells me.  Well, if he can continue making wreaths this pretty, I guess it's okay.  For the time being, I'll breath in the eucalyptus-scented air in the kitchen on this very moist Labor Day, have another cup of tea and daydream a little more.

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  1. Peter is certainly creating some gorgeous wreaths this fall!
    We've got the music here if you need a break from humidity and want to bring that heady scent out west!