Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ever-Growing Gardens

With all of the hub-bub going on over in the lavender beds, it seems as though I haven't had much time to spend enjoying the rest of the gardens. It is, after all, just past the summer solstice and the weather, although not completely cooperative around here, has been kinder than usual in providing rain water and breaks, here and there, in the high heat and humidity. Because of that, the small cutting garden I planted this year in the back of the property as well as the herb garden seem to be thriving on their own. After being gone for the past several days I spent part of the evening wandering among the snap dragons and zinnias, salvias and cosmos taking in their scents, colors and textures and marveling at just how fast they went from tiny and neat, to big and just about overgrown.  If any of you have teenagers, I'm sure you catch my drift...don't blink.

Apparently, those devil deer have been keeping tabs on my comings and goings because, in my absence, they claimed the sunflowers as their mid-summer salad toppings during one of their late-night dinner parties...isn't that always the way? I had a close-up picture of how they had eaten the poor things down to the nub but a I think one of the more wiley guys snuck in and deleted it off of my computer.  At least they seem to be leaving the morning glory vines alone for the time being. Little do they know that some Liquid Fence dressing is in their culinary future around here.  Although I believe nothing short of planting myself permanently out in the garden will keep them away, a few of the bigger deer look as though they would welcome a game of chicken with  me. 

The kingly golden yarrow and the lacy pink-tinged guara in the herb garden highlight the phlox buds just beginning to make their appearance as an introduction to the almost-here July garden. Everything is vibrant and luscious looking and maybe, just maybe, in serious need of a high-summer haircut in an honest effort of keeping up appearances while the bee balm is finally waking up and getting out of bed.   I'm sure the neighbors are talking, shaking their heads filled with pity as they can imagine how unruly teenaged flowers, with minds of their own, can be.

The roses are currently taking a bit of a breather right now but I can see them budding for another round very soon while little green hips are also appearing among their leaves. It is time to tie their long graceful branches to the arbor frames and ready them for their second round of bloom-time reminding me that roses are a summer long gift to the gardens. I just wish they would not be so temperamental when it comes to this humidity but, I've learned you just be thankful for the bountiful beauty the gardens offer up each year and realize all of this is not totally under my control.

Gone five days and even the flower pots are over-flowing with petunias, geraniums and begonias.  Don't you just love annuals?  I do. Of course I've always been about instant gratification...and these annuals behave better, too!  Being away from the gardens have given me a new appreciation for them, vowing I will no longer take them for granted, a least for the rest of the summer.  After all, it is their summer, too and sometimes I just have to let go.  However, I better get my machete ready and go exploring beyond the lavenders on a more regular basis in order to keep everyone in line out there.  I'm still the boss around here...I think!

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