Monday, December 20, 2010

The Snow Lay on the Ground

"The Snow Lay on the Ground," goes the the wonderful old Christmas Carol, continuing with "the Stars Shone Bright."  It goes on to sing of the night that Jesus was born.  It's not quite Christmas Eve, yet the snow that lays on the ground here at Blooming Hill is enough to fill us with a longing of the Christmas Spirit.  Nothing says Christmas like snow and, thanks to the chilly weather, the few inches we have is not going away but promising to stay around with an additional gift of at least a few inches more Christmas Eve through Christmas Day.

 Looking around the gardens, there are quiet vignettes to take in and savor, each it's own Christmas Greeting Card. The frosty landscape takes on an entirely new view of nature, in its powdery-white glory, pondering the turn of the seasons.  Tranquil fountains, that flowed freely in warmer weather are now frozen but no less beautiful and they seem even a bit fragile, as they sleep through the winter solstice. There will be a total lunar eclipse tonight, something that hasn't happened in over 300 years--a winter solstice coupled with a total lunar eclipse.  Peter said to me, "Lucky for you it should be about the time in the wee-hours of the  morning  when the dog wakes you up for his nightly  prowl of the property."  He said that as he chuckled however, maybe this time I will be happy to get up and see the coppery glow cast over the moon that the meteorologists predict will come along with the eclipse.  Hopefully, my camera will catch this to add to my cache' of Blooming Hill as "winter wonderland."

These first days of meteorological winter have been brisk, to say the least, but the sun  has prevailed and all is bright.  Lawn chairs sit in repose, gazing at a frozen pond while angel hair grasses shake their shaggy manes in the wind and seem to relish the unusually cold days around here.  They look as though they have been sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and would make tasty Christmas treats.  Even the gray-green lavender shrubs have been sprinkled with snowy sweetness in the crisp December air.

Lately, my daily walk highlights old, hollowed out trees that withstand the test of time appearing regal and stately, perhaps camoflauging a Christmas elf or two as well.  This scene looks like something straight out of the Land of Narnia, calm yet mysterious and beckoning me to come in and explore the woods beyond. Tucker was more than ready to do so but, for me, the day was too cold to venture in.

Shoveling the long driveway, chopping wood and all things winter and "manly" must continue around here.  After all, who said we should stop and enjoy the brilliant, clean snow, like the cherubs resting under the dogwood trees.  Even the the hammock looks inviting in it's own "Jack Frosty" way.  Ahhhh...all is well with the world, at least for the moment.

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