Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring Happenings

Reality set in all too soon this past weekend after celebrating my birthday last Wednesday with ice cream and cake.  Beautiful weather made its demands clear and Peter and I set to work in the yard, foregoing golf and other fun things in favor of painting, planting and getting the gardens in shape. The gardening season is now in full swing and, there's no rest for the weary!
One of the first and also one of my favorite garden chores during the spring is setting the blue china plate edging up in the lavender knot garden, and the surrounding vegetable beds.  Out came the plates from the attic.  They were quickly and carefully dug into the ground where soil meets stone while the plants sat patiently--and most still are sitting patiently while I write this blog entry.

While some of these plants, seedlings and rooted cuttings will be going into my own garden beds, I will be selling most of them, from rosemary and myrtle standards to scented geranium plants and pumpkin seedlings at upcoming garden fairs that I'll be participating in during the next few weeks.  Hopefully, I'll see you at Leesburg Flower and Garden Show (April 17 and 18)  and the PHilomont garden PHair (April 24 and 25.)  If I don't see you there, not to worry--I'll take pictures to show you all  the fun you missed!

So much still to do, yet the gardens are looking great even for early spring when mowing, weeding, pruning, racking, clipping and finally planting and mulching are all priorities. Phew!  My head is spinning and my back is aching already.

Yes, the gardening season is truly in full swing here at Blooming Hill and you are always welcome to stop by for a visit.  Just bring your own gloves..I can supply the shovels, spades and clippers. All kidding aside, there's no charge for a tour, money, work or otherwise--you just have to appreciate gardens and love plants and flowers!

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