Friday, June 26, 2009

Still harvesting after all of these days!

 it's getting to the end of June and I have about 50% of the lavender left to cut and hang to dry. I'm not panicking because it seems as though the lavender is coming along more slowly than in years past. Perhaps because of the cooler, wetter spring.

However, every night, when I'm out there in the yard inspecting plants and deciding whether they are ready for harvesting, or not, it seems like I should be farther along than I already am. This comes from a long standing notion that I should have things already done, when in reality, I can probably take a little time and slow down and try to enjoy the task at hand.

Anyway, like every other year, I recruit whoever happens to be living in my house at the time the lavender is ready for picking...specifically Peter and Kevin. Heck, if I could get the dog to hold the scissors properly, I'd probably have him cutting lavender, too. He at least seems eager to try and he certainly loves sitting in the middle of it all, chasing honeybees and discovering bird's nests hidden within the masses of lavender blooms.

My sister Chris, who came for Kevin's high school graduation this last week, was even out helping every night of the four nights she and Jim, her husband, were here. She said she really loved helping out...Sure, anybody will say that until you realize that you are in too deep to get out and you just have to keep cutting until all of the lavender has been harvested and hung to dry because you can always do just a few more bundles and they are just too pretty and you are working on the most beautiful bundle of lavender you have ever seen...Suddenly, you realize, you have become obsessed with lavender and there is no going back. You're hooked...or I should say, I'm hooked and I love it. No matter how long it takes or how hot and sticky and buggy and muggy it gets, the harvesting of lavender at my house must go on until the deed is done for the cause is the beautiful lavender itself!

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