Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Greenhouse Love

Sunflowers and roses--a late summer vision in yellow!
The shop with it's new greenhouse room--we love it!
You've heard the expression, "Out of the frying pan and into the fire."  Well, that's sort of what has been going on around here all summer long, from adding lots of new lavender beds, to expanding our "you pick" field, to installing our new labyrinth and finally, right into enlarging the shop.  Yes--that's what I said--we've (well, Peter, really but I helped, here and there, and took all of the pictures.) enlarged the shop.

A view of our original and hardworking "happy-place" greenhouse, through the poppies, this past May.  This greenhouse will continue as it always has--home to cuttings and plants year-round.
Waaaaay back in May, a customer and now our friend, Linda, visited Blooming Hill and then offered us an unused greenhouse that was just taking up space on her property.  Ever the thrifty and curious gardeners, Peter and I went over to her house to take a look.  Before we even left the property, we both had about 20 ideas as to what we could use it for.  So, a few days later, Peter and Kevin went back to Linda's and dismantled the greenhouse, packed it up in the truck and brought it back to Blooming Hill, where it sat in pieces for a few months. We had to think about where it would best fit on the property and then we had to mull that over a bit as well.

WARNING!  Devil deer know how to photo-bomb!
The herb garden in August.
Suddenly it was August! Where did this summer go to, anyway?  The time was ripe to get cracking on yet another project and, after weighing all of our options, a little extra space in the shop seemed like a pretty good idea.  Hence, nestled in the shady glade and attached to the back door of the shop our new greenhouse room is another bright and happy place while adding to the overall "garden" feel of the place.  So, instead of talking endlessly (as I have a habit of doing when I blog) on the construction and rebuilding of it I thought I'd post a few pictures of the whole process instead.  Here it goes in a nutshell, so don't blink...

In any case, we love what we've done with the place and hope you will stop by and take a look around yourself!  Tell us what you think.
A garden angel keeping watch at the greenhouse room's back door.

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