Friday, February 7, 2014

Radiant Orchid = Lavender, Really

Freshly picked and radiant in the soft summer light of last year.
Well, it's official.  Those in the know--oh, you know--the fashionistas, the style experts, those who tell us "what's trending today" have proclaimed Radiant Orchid to be the color of 2014 and "a modern twist to the traditional" and "exudes confidence and beauty." Of course, as opulent as this color appears to be, in all of its "orchidness," it looks suspiciously like a luxurious shade of good old-fashioned lavender, doesn't it?  But, that is okay.  Because whatever you want to call it, this lustrous, lovely shade will prevail in all of her classic grandness leaving the trendy glory to the name of the day.

Gathered flowers from our gardens, last summer.
Rosemary, zinnia and lavender in the background.
To take it even further, floral patterns are everywhere for spring from the runway to the showroom and, surprise surprise, even to the garden or, should I say from all of our gardens.  And, why not? what is prettier than the hue of Radiant Lavender--er--I mean Orchid splashed over petals and blossoms. Whether woven by Mother Nature or Oscar De La Renta, it's a color that compliments leafy green, rosy pink and sunshine yellow, to name a few.  No wonder the Red Hat Society claimed this shade of "purpley-vibrant and violety" lavender as it's unnamed but ever present compliment to their ruby facade.

I love lavender and I love flowers and I love, love, love lavender flowers especially lavender, lavandula, if you want to talk technically, lavande, if you want to appear French.  Good heavens--I'm actually "en vogue" as I'm sure many of you can make this claim, too.  That's if you love, wear, display and live the color of 2014--Radiant Lavender--er--I mean, Radiant Orchid!

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