Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Going To be Published!

Okay, Okay. Let's not put the cart before the horse just yet, however, Blooming Hill is going to make it into a magazine--in the Netherlands, no less and I am most certainly thrilled!  The name of the magazine is Tuinieren, which means Gardening in Dutch and, if ever there is a country who knows about gardening, loves to garden and is filled with splendid gardens, it is the Netherlands.

Looking at these pictures makes me very homesick for a warm and sunny summer day, since it is only
0 degrees outside today!
How did I get there, you ask?? Well, they contacted me, last fall, after finding my blog on the internet and seeing a picture of the plate garden.  Then, they recontacted me just a few weeks ago and asked for a few more pictures of the garden and an explanation of how it came to be.  You can read about that in my blog entry, "For Love of Blue and White."  

So, if you are interested, stay tuned.  Blooming Hill will have a tiny, little mention in Tuinieren on May 5, 2014.  Cool!

(P.S.  Tuinieren and "For the love of Blue and White" are both linked to their specific websites so  you can click on them.)

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