Friday, August 30, 2013

Doing Good Work with Lavender-Blueberry Ice Cream

I know.  I know!  It seems as though I have nothing but lavender ice cream on the brain lately.  I just can't seem to help myself in these last dew "Dog Days" of summer where the humidity clings to me like a wet suit and the heat makes hot flashes look like child's play.  Even the dog is no where to be found in the house as I call for him to come outside with me.  After 5 minutes of searching, I find him sleeping on the floor air vent in the guest bathroom where it is now at least 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house because he is absorbing all of the cool air. So, I must venture outside on my own to check on things and do some sticky, nasty daytime chores while dreaming about cool, refreshing lavender ice cream.

This year, I found a lovely recipe for lavender-blueberry ice cream that hits the spot, just like a cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade in the shade, only sweeter, smoother and, obviously, purple-er.  I have been making and serving lavender-blueberry ice cream, all summer long, to groups and guests visiting the farmlet and, although it takes about 2 hours to make a single quart, the effort is surely worth it, especially when you feel  your body temperature drop a degree or two as you savor it's creamy goodness.

The homemade ice cream side of the social (that's me in the center) gearing up just before the doors of the firehouse open to the public.
Loudoun County Fire Department Rescue Helicopter Crew demonstrating a little of what they do for our community.  They told us it had been a busy day and had already helped in four emergencies since the morning.
Good dog, sparky!
Last week, I participated in the Philomont Ladies Auxiliary 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social that benefits the Philomont Volunteer Fire Department, by serving up my lavender-blueberry ice cream along with a few other ladies who made their own specialties like peach-maple ice cream and blackberry sorbet. And, if that wasn't enough excitement, those who came to this community-wide event could also make their own delicious banana-hot fudge sundaes, be treated to luscious flavors of snow cones, get rides on fire trucks, witness the Loudoun County Flight Paramedics land their med-vac helicopter on the lawn of a historic home across from the PVFD, meet Sparky the fire dog, jump around in a huge moon bounce and just sit a spell with neighbors.  Small town living does have it's perks!

Anyway, in my mind, the lavender ice cream I keep serving up seems to me to be the perfect way to cool off on a hot and sunny, end of the summer afternoon.  So, stop by the farmlet and enjoy a scoop while you sit a spell in our gardens. I have plenty in the freezer to share with you so you too can feel that internal four-alarm- summertime-fire start to dissipate a little.

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