Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Rose, By Any Other Name....

Pink "Attar of Roses" blossoms in the greenhouse just beginning to bloom.
Variegated leaves of rose-scented "Lady Plymouth."
A rose, by any other name, is still a rose, right?  Well, sort of, even when it is a scented geranium.  You know, those lovely pelargoniums that are just coming out of their winter slumber and greening up for their early spring "debutante" season.  Perhaps they heard that Easter is early this year and even though they want to be part of St. Valentine's party, they also have big plans to show off their frilly-leaved figures in a perfect go-to-church outfit.

Roses are the embodiment of love, beauty and grace and red roses in particular  exclaim, "I love you!"
"Snowflake" and "Old-fashioned Rose in the greenhouse responding to some much coveted sunlight, even in the greenhouse, at this time of year.
The frilly foliage of "Old-fashioned Rose."
While roses are considered the ambassadors of all things love, in the language of flowers, rose-scented geraniums convey preference and during Victorian times, no self-respecting bouquet of flowers, especially on Valentines Day, would dare to show up at any lady's door without these sweetly scented velvet and lace stems topped off with their coquettish blossoms included in the mix.   If you use your imagination, those petite petals often resemble a pretty pair of spring earrings to boot.  Best of all, the fair lady who was lucky enough to receive such a bouquet of love, could breathe in the fresh citrus and mint top notes that introduce the full-bodied fragrance of the rose scented geranium. is in the air!  Can spring be closer than we think?  Well, I prefer to think so.  Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. It looks to be an early spring here, so I would be the last to begrudge you one as well. :)