Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Flower Fix

Mist and fog, go away! Come again another day!  January, with it's cold, cloudy and raw days, has it's colorless claws firmly entrenched in this new year and even the much needed precipitation falling last night and today, cannot make up for what seems to be an endless, claustrophobic tunnel of gray mist.  What happened to the sun?  Shouldn't it be rising over this dark tangle of tree bark and branches?  I am trying to be patient. Here in northern Virginia, the weather forecasters keep promising, "Any minute now," even though the grey clouds and the cold mist wore out their welcome, days ago.

Even my "go-to" happy place, the greenhouse filled with lustrous green texture and the soft intermingled scents of rich, brown earth and the sweet-citrusy-piney aroma of lavender, rosemary and scented geranium could use a few more shots of pink and red to highlight it's top notes.  It's still a bit early in the year for flowers to sing out here but, a little sun would go along way to hurry them along.

I look for my car keys, grab my umbrella and head for the only place I know that may satisfy the flower hunger in me--the floral department in, where else?--the local grocery store!  Here, I can tip-toe through the tulips, converse with the orchids, revel in the roses and even hang out with Sweet William while a bevy of mums, carnations and baby's breath actually look happy to see me.  So, this is where the sun is.  Oh yeah--I better get a gallon of  milk while I'm here, too.

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  1. Spokane suffers from air inversions often in the cold weather, but this winter hasn't been too bad... yet. We did have a lovely pink sunset last night, compliments of the air inversion.
    Funny, I walked through a store yesterday but never thought to go admire the flowers. I'll have to try that!