Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'Tis the Season!

The sleeping garden in early winter here at Blooming Hill.
Holly, lovely holly. Just in time for December!
"Silly gardener! Summer goes and winter comes with pinching toes..." And, so the English poet, R.L. Stevenson continues to paint December in harsh terms, "When in the garden bare and brown, you must lay your barrow down."  This is a good description of  the gardens, roadsides and rolling pastures   that surround Blooming Hill as December approaches fast and furiously. Yet there are hints of deep winter greens in stalwart beauties such as boxwood, holly and ivy, pine trees and evergreens and even tender rosemarys.

P. Lorenz, in his "Christmas tree creating zone."
A choir of angels, caroling along in the kitchen.
Snowmen bearing garden gifts.
 Yule Tonkas dressed for Scandinavian weather. 
While any thought of summer into fall has all but faded completely from my memory, inside, December comes to life in the bright lights, glittered ornaments and all the trimmings of the Christmas Season. Glad tidings bloom in poinsettias and glow in the soft candlelight.  Angels pose serenely while snowmen never need worry about melting, even in the warmth of the kitchen and mischievous Yule Tonkas (Swedish Christmas Elves) make celebratory plans of their own.

Winter white repose in the dining room.
The living room Christmas Tree in all of it's indoor splendor.
Homespun family room theme complete with tiny reindeer.
Wishing you peace this December.
'Tis the season of slumber and the season of new beginnings all at once as the outdoor gardens sleep and the indoor garden comes to life, if only for the month of December before the long, bleak hush of winter takes hold, all too soon! For now, I'll just enjoy the rebloom of December and be glad it doesn't need to be weeded!

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  1. Your home is always so beautifully decorated for the holidays, Cyndie.♥

    But must we speak of pinched toes at this time? ;)