Monday, September 3, 2012

Walk Up a Country Hill

I have a question for you...How many steps does it take to walk up a country hill?  Apparently, here at Blooming Hill, it takes sixteen steps.  Yes, that's right--it takes sixteen wide and gently sloped steps dressed in pearly pea gravel and garnished with cherubs, lavender and hydrangea all arranged under dappled sunlight and shade provided by tall trees along the way, to reach your destination, the gardens at the top of Blooming Hill.  Of course, there are other ways to go that are just as pleasant but, maybe, not so clever.

My last blog entry talked about the adventures of the Blooming Hill Ax Men clearing dead trees and branches off of the hillside which lead to a quandary of what to do with all of that wood--in fact, that could have been yet another question I could have posed to you but, I liked my original riddle best.  Anyway, there we were, with piles and piles of tree trunks, not too thick and not too thin, but just right to create a green solution to an age old problem of walking up this particular steep, country hill and it became Peter's pet project for several days and evenings.

We are already on a first name basis with the local milling establishment that supplies gardeners' necessities such as stone and mulch, as it seems we are in there every weekend for a fresh load of something to fill the truck bed with so, they were interested to hear what P.Lorenz was up to this past week with all of that stone and, a meandering, stepped walkway up into the gardens sounded pretty intriguing to them.

Who needs a membership to a gym when you have endless projects such as this to keep you honestly working out and working hard in your finest work clothes? Now, walking  a country hillside here at Blooming Hill just became a little easier and not quite so steep.

So, here are the completed steps that now connect the shop, down at the road, to the upper gardens and lavender beds!  Pretty nice, don't you think?

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